When working as a studio engineer or producer, I record either in my own studio, located at Kvadraturen Studios in central Oslo, or in other studios like this one: www.urbansound.no. Listen to the music for some sound examples in various styles. Press contact to send me an e-mail and ask for rates.


The following equipment is available in my studio, additionaly there are a lot of extra microphones and instruments available from neighboring studios by request:



- Mac with Protools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and lots of plugins from UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, and many others 

- Universal Audio Apollo Quad

- Universal Audio Satellite Quad


 - 1x Neumann M149

- 2x Beyerdynamic m160

- 1x Shure SM7B

- 2x AKG C414

- 1x Tandberg TM6

- 2x SE Electronics SE1

- 1x SM57

- 1x Sennheiser MD441

- 1x AKG D5



- Universal Audio LA-610

- Heritage Audio TT-73

- RFT MV810 x2

- Audient ASP880

- Vintagedesign SU-1 Summing box


- Dynaudio Acoustics BM15A monitors


- Vinetto telecaster

- Duesenberg V-caster pro

- Gibson SG

- Old Eko guitar

- Hamer newport pro

- Fender Precision bass

- Mullen Pedal steel

- Fender Princeton Reverb

- Fender Bassman

- Fender Vaporizer

- Tandberg båndopptaker

- Roland Cube 60 chorus

- Furch 12 string guitar

- Furch acoustic guitar

- Ibanez acoustic guitar (set up with nashville tuning)

- Lots of effect pedals

- Fender Rhodes Mark V

- Old upright piano

- Autoharp

- Omnichord

- Old Mandoline

- Oud

- Various percussion and other small, weird instruments

"Mixed/produced by" playlist on Spotify